Wabasha Gold

HDR of the Wabasha Street Bridge in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Well last night was a good night for photos. I thought I’d check out the Wabasha Street Bridge in Saint Paul. This is the first time I’ve been under there and was suprised at the lighting. Nice golden lighting underneath adds to a sort of retro futuristic look if you ask me. In this case I went a little further with the surreal HDR settings.

I ran it first through Photomatix with 5 exposures then tweaked contrast, highlights/shadows and clarity. I also adjusted the color temperature to be more blue which gave a nice contrast of the gold bridge to the cool lights of the city. Fortunately it didn’t change the bridge color too much otherwise I’d need to use the adjustment brush to paint the color temp change in Lightroom. I love the latest adjustment brush additions in Lightroom 4 like the color temp, clarity and noise reduction.

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