North Shore of Lake Superior HDR

High Falls on the Pigeon River, HDR Waterfall, HDR Pigeon River, Grand Portage, Waterfall Minnesota and Canadian Border

High Falls on the Pigeon River

Here’s a few photos from a trip up to the North Shore of Minnesota in 2011. The first is an HDR of the High Falls on the Pigeon River on the US/Canadian Border. This is the highest waterfall in Minnesota and is located a few miles from Grand Portage.

This was a five shot HDR and I pushed the processing for a surreal effect. I think this works well with the “sands of time” water effect from the long exposure and the amazing detail in the rocks. The rock face really was amazing especially with the river flowing at lower levels.

Grand Portage National Monument, HDR, Tonemapped, North Shore, Lake Superior

Grand Portage National Monument

Here’s a shot from Grand Portage National Monument a few miles from the waterfall. This is actually one shot that I tonemapped in Photomatix. They dynamic range is not real great so the tonemapping just brings out some of the details in the buildings.

I think this works well with old buildings and things we are less familiar with on a day-to-day basis.

Bluefin Bay,HDR, Tonemapped, Lake Superior, Tofte, Minnesota

Bluefin Bay

Another tonemapped image. This is Bluefin Bay and is the namesake for the resort we stayed at. Not a bad view from the upper deck. The clouds almost look like snow capped mountains.

Eagle Mountain, Mountain Meadow, Lutsen, Minnesota, Lake Superior, HDR, Tonemapped

Mountain Meadow

The last picture was from Eagle Mountain in Lutsen. A short gondola ride up the mountain and there are plenty of hiking trails at the top. There was this nice mountain meadow with a gorgeous view of the lake and the sun was filtered through the clouds sort of the opposite of God rays (does that make them devil rays?).

See more of the North Shore gallery.

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