HDR Spotting

I can’t believe I didn’t find this site before. It’s called HDR Spotting where people upload HDR images and others view/like the photos. It’s a Stuck In Customs product of Trey Ratcliff fame so there’s a lot of visibility associated with it.

My submissions so far have done well and I received an Editor’s Choice for a shot of a frozen Minnehaha Falls.

Probably what I like most is being able to share some of the more “over the top” HDR images without feeling the need to hold back. Although in general I think most non-photographers react quite well to HDR images if they’re not completely outlandish. Photographers seem to be where most of the love/hate with HDR comes into play.

Here’s a newer photo of the falls at night and more here in the gallery.

Frozen Minnehaha Falls, Ice Waterfall, Frozen Waterfall, HDR Frozen Waterfall

Frozen Minnehaha Falls at Night

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