Ice Trails and Embracing HDR Ghosting

Ice Trails, Mississippi River, Minneapolis, HDR, Winter, Bridge 9

Ice Trails on the Mississippi River next to downtown Minneapolis.

Most of the time when processing HDR’s we go to great lengths to avoid ghosting. In this case I embraced the ghosting factor as it added additional ice trails to the river below. I simply chose manual deghosting in Photomatix and processed the 5-shot HDR without selecting anything to deghost.

I’m proud to say this received Photo of the Day on Capture Minnesota on February 4th. The HDR category doesn’t get a lot of POTD’s so I’m glad this was well received. To see more of my submissions on Capture Minnesota you can visit my profile.

4 thoughts on “Ice Trails and Embracing HDR Ghosting

    • Thanks Cardinal. When I was there I was disappointed the sun didn’t come out (hidden by some large clouds behind me) and thought I missed a good shot. We make the best of the situation and sometimes it works out better than we expect.

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