Crimson City / Erotic City – HDR Cityscapes

Crimson City, Skyscraper HDR, Minneapolis HDR Photography, Minnesota

Crimson City

I’m a big fan of going into the city and shooting skyscrapers. Besides the cool perspective you can catch all sorts of light effects. In the top photo the red stop lights and brake lights give a red glow under the skyway which matches well with the red scaffolding.

In the bottom photo a gentleman’s club lit in purple reminds me of the Prince song Erotic City. I caught some funky light trails as the cars went by. Even on a cloudy night the city gives off a unique glow to the cloudy sky.

You can see the rest of the gallery here Minneapolis Spring 2013.

Purple, Skyscraper HDR, Downtown Cabaret, Light Trails, City at Night HDR

Erotic City

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