Infra Reboot

Well it’s been awhile since I posted. I’m going to get back to posting more frequently. Also instead of just focusing on HDR imagery I’m going to open it up to most of my photography. The reality is HDR techniques and tools are blending into other areas of photography. I have very few images that don’t have some local contrast enhancement which is a hallmark of HDR processing. I also have images that many wouldn’t consider to be HDR because they are processed with minimal tone mapping.

With that said let’s take a look at some infrared images. The first one is a shot of Lakewood Memorial Chapel in Lakewood Cemetery. A very prestigious cemetery if there is such a thing.

Infrared, Lakewood Memorial Chapel, Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis

Lakewood Blues

I’m using a converted NEX-5 with a 590nm “goldie” filter. In this one I desaturated the trees to give it that frost look. The goldie filter also produces brilliant yellow/gold leaves. Along with the IR processing I also ran it through Topaz Clarity to give the clouds some pop.

Infrared, Hot Sam's, Lakeville, Minnesota, Lake, Boat, Frost

Summer Frost

This last one is from Hot Sam’s antiques. A very fun and popular location for photographers. They have all sorts of scenes, antiques and fun stuff to photograph.

To see more infrared go here.

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