Landmark Infrared

Landmark Center, Infrared Photography, St. Paul, Minnesota, Saint Paul, Infrared Autumn

Landmark Center in St. Paul in infrared.

Here’s another infrared shot from the Landmark Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. This was taken in late summer but it looks like autumn. The infrared filter allows a little bit of light which allows for the leaves to be yellow or orange. I’m still just learning how to use infrared but it’s fun with such an open slate.

See my infrared gallery that I hope to continue expanding.

2 thoughts on “Landmark Infrared

  1. Perfect shot!!! When was this? As of recently they have been restoring the outside which has made any decent picture impossible.

    • Micah, thanks and this was taken the very end of August. I don’t recall any restoration in progress but you get used to framing out distractions so often that it becomes second nature I think.

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