“300” Minneapolis

I sometimes like to employ a “300” style processing in my photos where reds and oranges are highlighted and most other colors are desaturated.  This is based off the movie of the same name and with the sequel around the corner thought I would apply it here.  Other colors are also present in the movie so you’d probably need to layer those in if they are important subjects.

The original preset was based off of Matt Kloskowski’s preset I believe (it’s been awhile). It’s a great base to start from and then tweak from there. The most important tweak in this photo was adjusting the color temperature of the snow and ice in the foreground. I use a Grad filter in Lightroom to adjust until I get the color (it’s often too blue for my taste) that I want.

Check out Matt’s site for more presets and great info at http://lightroomkillertips.com/

For more of my Minneapolis photos go here.

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