End of the Metrodome

A before and after view of the metrodome. The dome was deflated about a week ago in the beginning stages of being dismantled for a new billion dollar stadium being built on the same footprint.

Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Sunset, Metrodome before demolition, new stadium

The Last Days of the Metrodome

Here’s a view of the Metrodome shortly after the deflation. They basically cut the power and the dome deflated. You’ll notice the line up of heavy machinery. To the left, outside of the framer, there is a giant hole being dug even as I took this on a weekend.

Metrodome deflated, Hubert H. Humphrey metrodome demolition, Minneapolis and metrodome photograph, metrodome hdr photograph

The Metrodome Deflated

To see more of Minneapolis go here otherwise feel free to check out my photo page on Facebook!

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