Star Wars at Minneapolis Comic Con 2014

At any comic con there are going to be a number of Star Wars characters from stormtroopers to slave Leia. You might even see a wookie or a sith lord.  Here are some of my favorites from the Wizard World Comic Con in Minneapolis 2014.

Check out all the superhero, movie and a few more Star Wars costumes in the Wizard World Minneapolis Comic Con gallery!

Princess Leia Cosplay, Princess Leia Costume, Princess Leia Comic Con

A New Hope – Leia

Princess Leia above in her pure white to slave Leia below. Hanging out with Robin for some reason?!?

Princess Leia Slave Costume, Princess Leia Slave Cosplay, Princess Leia jabba the hutt costume, Star Wars Cosplay

Slave Leia

Even Jedi Knights get photobombed at comic con!

Star Wars Cosplay, Star Wars Costumes, Jedi Knight costumes, Star Wars photobomb, Star Wars Comic Con

Knights of the Photobomb

Master and apprentice checking out the wares in some seedy marketplace in the Outer Rim I suspect.

Jedi Knight Cosplay, Jedi Knight costumes, Star Wars Cosplay, Minneapolis Comic Con 2014

Jedi Knights at the marketplace.

And finally an Imperial Guard and a Scout Trooper. I’m not sure I’d bring either to a fight. The guards are always asked to leave and the scout trooper has trouble with teddy bears 😉 Awesome costumes though!

Star Wars Cosplay, Star Wars Costumes, Imperial Guard costume, Scout Trooper Costume, Star Wars Comic Con Minneapolis 2014

Imperial Guard and Scout Trooper

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