Pin Up Girl Mary

Back again with another model from the Air Expo 2014 Pinup shoot. ย This is Mary who is a former roller girl. Talk about the complete package. Not only does she have the looks but she’s got guns for arms too! That’s a lot of firepower combined with a TBM Avenger.

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Pin Up Shoot, Air Expo 2014, Pinup Model, TBM Avenger, Pin Up Girl, Vintage Planes and Girls

Mary looking vibrant on the TBM Avenger.

Here’s a great pose that would look good in the barracks back in the day…or any day for that matter.

Air Expo 2014 Pin Up Shoot, Pinup Model, Vintage Planes and Girls, TBM Avenger Girl

Mary striking a striking pose.

Another great shot of Mary and here you can see how toned her arms are! We all had a lot of fun and Mary was definitely infectious with her charm. Plus she might pull a roller derby move on you so we just kept smiling ๐Ÿ˜‰

Air Expo 2014 Pin Up Girl Shoot, Vintage Planes and Girls, Pinup Girls, B-17 Bomber Girl

Mary looking vibrant!

See more of Mary in the gallery.

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