Minneapolis Glow and Proposed Redevelopment Plan

This is maybe THE iconic view of Minneapolis taken from the 24th St pedestrian bridge over interstate 35W. I had to share a few more shots from here as the sunset was magnificent. The other reason is there is a plan to expand the transit station and add additional freeway access in the area around Lake Street. A few of the bridges may be replaced including the pedestrian bridge I’m standing. If the plan goes through construction it may impede the view and eventually there won’t be a bridge to stand on for this shot at least for a while.

To see the full gallery go to Minneapolis Skyline 35W View.

Minneapolis skyline, Sunset Minneapolis, Interstate 35W

Sunset view of Minneapolis skyline.

Here’s a view of the pedestrian bridge (below). On the right there are probably 5-6 holes cut into the fencing for photographers to use.

The pedestrian bridge at 24th St. in Minneapolis.

Here’s a closer view of the diffuse light on downtown Minneapolis. To read more about the proposed redevelopment plan go here.

Downtown Minneapolis Skyline, Minneapolis at sunset

Downtown Minneapolis

Finally a long exposure shot with the light trails.

Long exposure Minneapolis, Light Trails Minneapolis, Minneapolis skyline, Interstate 35W

Light trails leading to and from Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis Skyline from 35W gallery.

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