Lunar Eclipse – October 2014

I’m a little late sharing these but wanted to show the lunar eclipse as the moon set behind Minneapolis. The main portion of the eclipse was over but the moon looked great as it sank lower on the horizon. Yes, I know the moon doesn’t actually sink 🙂

Lunar Eclipse October 2014, Minneapolis skyline and moon

October 2014 Lunar Eclipse behind the Minneapolis skyline.

The key for getting a shot like this is to have a long focal length and to be far away from the object or city in this case. I’ve used an extender in the past but in this case I was at about 300mm to get the major buildings in the cityscape.

blood moon, lunar eclipse October 2014, moon and Minneapolis skyline

The moon just above the skyline of Minneapolis.

2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse – October 2014

  1. I know what you mean Cardinal. Without the buildings in this shot the moon would look much smaller and that’s at 300mm. If I shoot just the moon I usually go full to 400mm on the 70-400 and add a 2x extender. Might as well use a telescope at that point.

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