The Dell’s Mill

Made a trip out to the Dell’s Mill in central Wisconsin. Great to see the colors changing on the other side of the pond.

Dell's Mill, waterwheel, Dell's Mill Pond, August, Wisconsin

Autumn begins at the Dell’s Mill.

This is actually two shots combined. I wanted a long exposure (30 seconds) for the clouds but didn’t want all the movement from the trees on a windy day. I combined it with another exposure (1/13 second) so there was little movement in the trees. I also used that exposure for the water. I usally like to get water at 1/8 of a second or longer but the 1/13 second works just fine here.

2 thoughts on “The Dell’s Mill

    • Sorry for the delay Cardinal. I see your point. I think the leaves moved a lot in the long exposure which muddied it a bit. Maybe a bit more contrast would have helped as you said.

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