Lakewood Autumn

All the color is gone so let’s remember the fantastic colors we had this fall. These are from Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis. Here’s the link to the gallery.

Lakewood Cemetery Minneapolis, Minneapolis cemetery, Lakewood Mausoleum

Autumn Reflections

It’s not really a reflecting pool. More like a reflecting slab with water running over it. Very cool though!

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis Cemetery, Lakewood Memorial Chapel, Cemetery Reflecting Pool

The Reflecting Pool

This looks like the Parthenon. It’s actually for a Lowry family member or Mr. Lowry himself possibly who was prominent in the area.

Lakewood Cemetery, Parthenon. Minneapolis cemetery

The Parthenon Lowry Style

The gallery

2 thoughts on “Lakewood Autumn

  1. Very nice shots. I like how you’ve captured the strong, massive architecture in that first shot. The long lines, low angle and reflections in the second is superb and the colours in the last one is simple and beautiful.

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