Rooftopping Minneapolis Style

What a glorious view of Minneapolis from the heart of the city. To see more go here Minneapolis Rooftop gallery.

Minneapolis dawn, HDR Skyscrapers, Color Efex Pro skyscrapers, Wells Fargo Center, RBC Plaza, Minneapolis skyline

Awesome clouds for our rooftop adventure. It was mighty cold up there. Thankfully this side had shelter from part of the structure. The other side was quite brisk.

Just over a week ago a photographer friend of mine asked if I wanted to shoot from a rooftop in downtown Minneapolis. Heck yeah! Who cares if I was going out for beers the night before and I’d need to get up at 5:30AM. Completely worth it. I shouldn’t really say which building we were on but it was between 30 and 40 stories. The IDS (blue), Wells Fargo (yellow) and Capella (behind Wells Fargo) are all 55-60 stories. I actually like the height we shot at because you’re right in the middle of the action.

Sunrise Minneapolis, Minneapolis Dawn, Wells Fargo Center, IDS Building, Rooftop Adventure

In the heart of Minneapolis at dawn!

As you can see we were blessed with an incredible sunrise as there was a break at the horizon and clouds to catch the pre-dawn light.

See the rest here Minneapolis Rooftop gallery.

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