Ice Castles 2015

The 2015 Ice Castles gallery.

Ice Castles, Ice Castles Eden Prairie MN

Ice Castles in the late day sun.

Two years ago I went to Ice Castles at the Mall of America. It was a cool display and I was fortunate to have an unbelievable sky and even have one of my photos published from there.

This time the venue was a more natural setting at a park in Eden Prairie, MN. Miller Park to be exact. Had some great late day sunshine this time although I would have preferred a few clouds too.

2015 Ice Castles

As night approaches the castles light up.

The ice castles really do look cool. This time they had a few slides for the kids, a waterfall, a maze and even heaters to warm up next to. It wasn’t too busy on a Thursday evening. I’m sure weekends are packed full but I believe they limit how many can view at one time.

Ice Castles at night!

The best part really is at night when they light up. There’s some music and a bit of choreography with the lights.

Check out the Ice Castles 2015 gallery.

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