Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015

It’s that time of year again for Minneapolis to geek out. Yes, it’s none other than Wizard World Comic Con. May 1st through 3rd comic book, movie and pop culture fans descended on the Minneapolis Convention Center. There was plenty to see from celebrities, booths selling various wares and of course the costumes.

The Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015 Galleries.

This will be a four part series looking at the best of the event. We’ll start with a general look and then take a closer look at the cosplayers including the ever present Star Wars costumes, heroes and dudes and last but not least the girls of Comic Con.

Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015, Weta Workshop

A very cool statue from the Weta Workshop.

As a photographer Comic Con is a wonderful place. People are there to be seen and they not only welcome having their picture taken they usually jump into character. Like the guy below who decided to go to Comic Con after being locked out of his apartment 😉

Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015, Ghostbusters

Okay, who brought the dog?

Many people coordinate their costumes with one of the most popular being Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015, Harley Quinn costume, The Joker costume, Suicide Sqaud Costumes

Harley and the Joker

Here we have Harvey Two-Face, Dr. Venkman and Black Widow.

Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015, Cosplay, Black Widow Costume, Harvey Dent Two Face Costume, Ghostbuster Costume

Awesome costumes were back again this year.

To view the general gallery or take a sneak peak at the other galleries follow the links below:
General Gallery
Star Wars at Comic Con
Heroes and Guys of Comic Con
Girls of Comic Con
I hope to take some of the characters and place them into other environments I’ve shot. Watch for that in the future as well.

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