Star Wars at Comic Con 2015

It certainly wouldn’t be comic con without a bunch of Star Wars characters. This year it seemed to be mostly different varieties of troopers. Some from the old series and some from the new. I mean the old series being the newer series. Sorry we’ve just fallen into some sort of George Lucas paradox. Let’s not even mention the new new trilogy.

Star Wars Comic Con 2015, Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015, Steampunk Cosplay, Star Wars Cosplay, Stormtroopers, Clone Trooper

Star Wars vs. Steampunk

Well if you’re a steampunk fan don’t feel too bad. There’s nothing that can really beat Star Wars so this was inevitable. It was fun seeing all the people that wanted this photo op. If only there was someone with a Jar Jar costume!

Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015, Stormtrooper Costume, Blast a Trooper, Star Wars Cosplay

Blast a Trooper

Here’s your classic storm trooper pose. Well done!

Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015, Star Wars Cosplay, Padme Costume, Delorean

A Long Time Ago but Somehow in the Future

It’s not often you see Padme in a Delorean ready to go back in time. I guess if she was to drive a car it would be the Delorean as it does bare a resemblance to her starship. See, we learn a lot at Comic Con!

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