HDR is Here to Stay

Here’s a good article on HDR and how it relates to photography and even storm and news reporting. A pretty balanced and informative article. Give it a read.


Below is an example HDR in the article.

Capital Weather Gang HDR example

An example given.

3 thoughts on “HDR is Here to Stay

  1. I think that the first example they use in the article is, like they say a “Photoshop nightmare”: it’s way too bright and has blown out parts. If they used 3 bracketed shots instead of one single file, this could have been avoided.
    The last example, with 3 bracketed shots, is much better.
    I also think that HDR is here to stay, but especially in things like news reporting it’s important not to be too carried away in the post-processing.

    • Those are fair points Cardinal. I agree. I was happy to see they called the single exposure HDR. Sometimes photographers say it’s not HDR because it’s only one exposure but then they’ve added all sorts of tonal contrast. That always bothers me a bit.

      The news reporting is definitely an interesting topic to watch. There will be a lot of pressure to add HDR images for the wow factor against the long standing view of being credible and not manipulating too much as you say.

      • It’s a fine line between what’s acceptable manipulation and what’s ‘over-done’ when talking about news reporting. In some news press competitions, they don’t allow any manipulation at all except from a slight change in tones/contrast.

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