Episode 4: Super Blood Moon Eclipse

We just had our 4th total lunar eclipse in the past two years. This one was also a Harvest Supermoon. We are getting really good at hyping things. While total lunar eclipses aren’t all that common they aren’t exactly rare either especially after number four. Supermoons are even more hyped. The full moon is something like 14% larger than an average full moon. Considering a full moon takes up probably less than 1% of the sky I doubt most people can see the difference. It seems like there are 3-4 supermoons each year now. A supermoon should be more than just the moon at perigree, which is it’s closest orbit, in my book anyway.

I can only imagine the hype for the total solar eclipse coming to the U.S. in 2017. That actually seems like something that is a big deal and hopefully we’re all not so jaded by these sky spectacles by the time it arrives.

With that said here are some moon shots from September 27th, 2015…

Supermoon, Harvest Moon, Minneapolis and moon, Moonrise

Super Harvest Moon before turning bloody over Minneapolis.

Blood Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, Trees and Moon

Trees and Moon

Blood Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse

Blood Moon from September 27, 2015.

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