Hello, my name is Mark Goodman from Oakdale, MN which is a suburb of Minneapolis/St Paul.  I’ve just started getting into this photography thing since spring of 2011. I guess it’s something I like because not much get’s me out of bed at 6AM to go take pictures in zero degree weather.

I really enjoy HDR photography. Every situation is different but I prefer to keep the images real but edging towards the surreal at times.  I believe the image should convey how I would describe the moment many years from now.

More than anything I like the process from the planning, the unexepected moments you didn’t plan for and the “ah ha” moments when you realize you got the shot you wanted.

Check out my website for more http://markgoodmanphoto.com and Visit Me on Facebook.

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  1. Hi,
    I might be going in circles but need to ask. I am using the Canon 550D with a standard 18-55 and 70-300. I’ve been told the former is “no good” and changing to the latter when travelling is laborious.
    So in addition to needing some zoom and close-up for portraits / parties all in one, I also love experimenting with HDR – can one lens do all?
    I have seen the Sigma / 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO OS HSM; the link is here:
    An alternative is to buy a “close-up” and HDR lens all in one, and for travel / zoom buy myself a light compact with 30 x zoom or so.
    I was looking at:
    I have asked a handful of chaps whose photography I really like – you are one of them.
    Some suggestions will really be appreciated.

    • Hi Andrew, I have a Tamron 18-270 and it does everything very well. I believe that is very similar to the Sigma lens you mentioned. I think it can do 90% of what you want. For low light portaits or fast movement it probably can’t match a dedicated lens though.

      I have compared the Tamron to my 16-35 zeiss ultra wide and I can see a difference when looking at the same scene. Although you need to look at the photos side-by-side and most non-photographers would probably have a hard time telling the difference. I do tons of wide angle HDR;s so I was able to justify the cost and the wider aperture (2.8) can help in low light (I shoot in a lot of churches).

      As for HDR I think the Sigma will do just fine. Because you’re taking multiple photos you can overcome any limitations in the dynamic range of the camera and lens. Also once you start tone mapping it’s going to change the image anyway from what came through the lens. I wouldn’t be too concerned with HDR using the 18-250 or the 18-55 for that matter.

      I wouldn’t hesitate to add the Sigma and sell the 18-55 maybe. You can also throw the Sigma in your car for those impromptu shots and you’re covered for almost any shot.If you do go for a compact you might want to consider the Sony RX-100. Very good reviews and it can do raw files unlike most of the other Sony’s.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I just came across your website and wanted to say great job! I love your photos and it’s nice to see someone local!


    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. Do you live in the Twin Cities then? It’s amazing all the great locations to shoot around here and most are easily accessible.


    • Thanks! I do use Color Efex Pro to apply finishing touches to some photos. I use glamour glow for light sources like the sun or just the sky in general. It has a nice local effect on noise reduction as well. The other effects I like are the detail extractor(in moderation), pro contrast and the foliage effect works pretty well too. I do most of my editing in Lightroom which I believe is comparable to Aperture. I actually like CEP the most out of all of the Nik programs so I’d give it a shot. Thanks again.

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