My Tools

If you’re curious what I use for gear and post processing, here it goes.

Camera: Sony SLT-A99 – awesome camera with great dynamic range and plenty of bells and whistles.


Sony Zeiss 24-70mm – why did I take so long to acquire this one. Great walk around lens for most situations.

Sony Zeiss 16-35mm – wonderful wide angle lens especially on full frame.

Sigma 12-24mm – It’s very satisfying getting  a shot others can’t manage with the field of view on this one.

Minolta 85m 1. 4 – Wonderful bokeh!

Sony G Series 70-400mm – great range and fast enough for most situations.

Post Processing:

Lightroom & Photoshop – what else.

Photomatix – For all the HDR heavy lifting.

Topaz Clarity and Nik Color Efex Pro for finishing touches.

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